BENJO may act as the overarching entity who is in charge and as a result will be responsible for your project's outcome. Its engineers and project teams have great experience in a wide variety of projects with different degrees of difficulty. BENJO aims to build lasting relationships with architects and clients in the aim of bringing projects to the next level taking budget restrictions into consideration.

BENJO's production plants bring wooden, metal, upholstered solutions into your interior project.

Project manager
Computer aided factory plant


The various interior building teams are continuously feeded by our centrally managed production plant; a motivated team of woodworkers and a strongly automated production lines. Computer aided design will be the starting point and successively activate a computer operated warehouse, labeling machine and spindle-moulding machine. The systematic outcome of this proces in its turn forms the starting point for the assembly line, led by a motivated team of woodexperts.

The flexibility brought into BENJO's wood production is a competitive advantage which makes it can competitively deal with projects of different scale.


The metalwork division poses great added value to BENJO product portfolio. Compared to competitors which appeal on subcontractors, BENJO can add metal elements more easily; metal construction elements, doors and decoration elements are just a few.

In banking facilities, a field in which we have 50 years of experience, metalwork remains highly important, and therefore requires an extended knowhow and skillset.


Depending on the project's characteristics, BENJO will appeal on strategic partners, which are all experts in their field. BENJO has a pool of subcontracters with whom it frequently works together; these partnerships allows us to minimize costs with respect to painting, tilework and advanced techniques such as elecktricity, heating, ventillation etc.

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